Welcome to the 50 in 52 Journey


Due to our old site being hacked we are in the process of moving all video content to this site.

UPDATE March 2015:
Currently, 35 states are available. These include all states through North Carolina.
We are working to repopulate all the videos state by state in the order they were visited.
In the meantime, please watch the CBS Sunday Morning video of the 50 in 52 Journey
by clicking on the image below.

The 50 in 52 Journey began in 2008 with an idea from Dafna Michaelson and culminated in December of 2009 after a year long Journey across America in which one single mom travelled to all 50 states in the 52 weeks of 2009 to find the people moving America forward.
Here you will find stories of the over 500 people she met along the way; "ordinary" people doing "extraordinary" things. There are 375+ videos of her interviews with these amazing people ranging in age from 14 to 92 from all across America.
Since that time Dafna Michaelson has continued the work she began as co-founder of The Journey Institute.
Using the lessons learned and inspirations from the 50 in 52 Journey Michaelson and her husband and co-founder, Michael Jenet, work to help individuals and organizations across the globe.